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Sealants & Adhesives

Expert service for all your sealant and bonding needs

With specialist industry knowledge and an extremely large product portfolio, Carafax are a leading supplier within the OEM Leisure Industry. 

We provide off the shelf materials from professional, reputable and technically advanced companies. This allows to provide a solution for every application. We consider individual customer needs to offer the most suitable product for each application, this can be backed-up with testing and performance test reports for the substrates involved. 

Silicone Sealants

Our vast range of Silicone Sealants, some of which have been developed solely for the Caravan and Holiday Home industry, has been relied upon for years. Variants include both Acetoxy Cure and Natural Cure Silicones, in various grades, and an array of colours.
Our extremely popular RV51 is an exterior grade low modulus premium solvent free silicone that has been tested to comply with specific plastics used during the construction of Holiday Homes. 


From basic PVA glues used for applying wallboards in Holiday Homes, right through to highly technical bonding Adhesives needed for critical structural applications on Motorhomes… and everything in between.   

Hybrid polymer adhesives

Due to the super strength and technical capabilities that allow bonding to almost any surface, Hybrid Polymers are now widely used in the construction of Caravan and Motorhomes, and in an expanding range of applications for Holiday and Park Homes. With such a large range of formulations, we work with manufacturers to evaluate each application and provide a formulation to best suit production needs.

Butyl Tapes

A versatile non-setting butyl supplied in roll form. Stock sizes range from 1mm up to 80mm in Black or White colour. Many sizes are manufactured to a bespoke size designed to suit a specific Awning Rail, Window or Rooflight application.

Foams and adhesive tapes

Mainly used for various gasket, insulation and bonding applications, our Foam Tapes come in a wide range of sizes, with various options for foam density, colour and surface adhesion. We not only offer single sided and double sided Adhesive Tapes, we also offer Expanding Foams, that can be used for various water, air, dust sealing, or general gap-filling applications.

Cleaners and wipes

To compliment our Sealant and Adhesive products, we also provide a range of specialist Spray Cleaners, Tool Cleaning Chemicals, IPA (Isopropyl Alcohol), foaming agents, and Industrial Cleaning Wipes.

Guns and accessories

Depending on the individual customer need, we can provide simple Manual Cartridge Guns for small applications, right through to Heavy Duty Electric or Pneumatic Guns that can be paired with our large foil Sealant Sausages.

Kanban & Service

Customer auditing and product performance testing are services offered to larger customers. In addition, Carafax operate a JIT (Just In Time) Kanban system for many customers with the industry

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