caravan fire and carbon monoxide safety

Fire & Carbon Monoxide Safety

Of paramount importance of course, is fire and carbon monoxide safety.

Carafax currently supply thousands of NCC and BS approved alarms and extinguishers into the industry each year.

Fire extinguishers must be installed in UK holiday homes. They are an optional extra in a touring caravan and motorhome, but we recommend fitting one for peace of mind.

Our fire extinguisher range includes dry powder, foam and aerosol, at a size to suit the customer.

caravan fire extinguisher

Smoke alarms are installed in all UK caravans, motorhomes and holiday homes. We have various types available and are either 1 year or long-life.

caravan smoke alarm

Ionisation smoke alarms are designed to detect smoke. They are more effective in detecting flaming, fast fires such as those caused by a chip pan.

The optical version is more effective at detecting slow, smouldering fires, such as those caused by cigarettes in furniture. They can, however, be activated by steam so should not be located close to bathrooms or showers.

Thermoptek smoke alarms detect both slow smouldering fires and also fast flaming fires, and are preferred by the UK Fire Service.

Thermistek heat alarms detect temperature change, and activates once a trigger threshold is exceeded. These alarms are therefore suitable for the kitchen.

Carbon monoxide has been described as the silent killer. It can often not be detected by people, as it has no odour or taste, and cannot be seen. Carbon monoxide gas can be emitted by faulty boilers, and is particularly dangerous during sleep.

Carbon monoxide alarms are routinely installed in all UK holiday homes, motorhomes and caravans.


We supply either 1 year or long-life versions from a reputable, well known manufacturer.

caravan carbon monoxide alarm

Alarms should be tested once a month, and if they fail to activate on test, first check the battery and change if necessary. If the alarm is still not working, the alarm should be replaced.

On long-life models it is not possible to change the battery, so these alarms must be replaced if they fail to activate on testing.

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