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As a leading supplier of Caravan roof sheets & Accessories to the UK Holiday Home Industry, Carafax can offer an unparalleled range of products and services. These Roof Sheets are also suitable for other types of buildings such as Garages, Sheds, Barns, and Outbuildings.

Classic Profile

This Classic Roof Sheet is most commonly used within the Holiday Home Manufacturing Industry. Its traditional character gives a clean, modern look to the project. Our sheets are made to exact size requirements in High Quality finished steel.

More Profiles

In addition to the Classic Profile, Carafax offer a range of Roof Sheet profiles that will ensure a new model range will stand out from the crowd. Square profiles, ribbed sheets, and flat tiles are all available. 

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Roof Sheet Profiles

Modular Roof Tiles

Popular with Park Homes and Lodges, modular tiles allow for less systematic profiles that have similar aesthetics to Ceramic or Slate tiles. Any roof size can be coved using a standard modular tile that interlocks with hidden fixings.

Trapezoidal Roof Sheets

Available in a wide range of colours including the classic Anthracite, Trapezoidal Sheets are the most economical Roofing Solution. With 15 different profiles available, we can provide a modern or industrial looking alternative to the Classic Roofing System.

Finishing Profiles

To compliment the various roofing options, we have a wide range of standard flashings, barge ends, ridge tiles, and gutter profiles. We also provide many customers with profiles made to their bespoke drawing, that makes the roofing unique to them.

Roof Insulation

Our Bubble Insulation is widely used in roofing construction. The bubbles effectively trap air, keeping the warmth inside and the cold outside, offering a great thermal solution when it comes to the roofing of your Holiday Home during the changing seasons.

Roofing Accessories

With a full range of accessories, Carafax is your one-stop solution when it comes to roofing. Our range of profile Foam Fillers ensure that your roofing systems are weathertight. Our Roof Bolts are widely used throughout the Caravan Manufacturing Industry due to the excellent durability and long lasting EPDM rubber washer.

We also offer specialist insulations designed to work with our roofing systems. Please see our Insulations & Membranes category.

Insulations & Membranes

Roof Ventilation

For roof ventilation, we can provide Roof Vents designed to match the profile and colour of the roof sheet, allowing them to blend in naturally with the rest of the roof. Our Roof Vents protect against excess moisture and condensation, that causes detrimental effects of the building.  

We also offer specialist Sealants that have been tested with our Roofing Systems and Vents.

Sealants & Adhesives

PVC Guttering

Our 112mm Square Line Guttering comes in various colours that sits well with all Holiday Home and Lodge models designs. Manufactured from high quality PVCu material for durability and lightweight handling, it is a cost effective and a popular choice with manufacturers. All required gutter and downpipe accessories are supplied as a complete package.