caravan roofing solutions

Roofing Solutions

As a leading supplier of caravan roof sheets and accessories to the UK Holiday Home industry Carafax can offer an unparalleled range of products and service.


The latest 'Coarse Grain' pantile roof sheets have a more realistic matt finish and are supplied from a range of sizes to suit individual design requirements.

Along with the more traditional caravan roofing profile, alternative designs are available, allowing customers to differentiate their offer.


These roof sheets are also suitable for other types of buildings such as garages, sheds, barns and outbuildings.

The comprehensive choice of accessories includes matching barge ends, crest tiles, roofing bolts and foam filler.

caravan barge end
caravan end crest tile
caravan upper crest foam filler
Caravan polytop pins
caravan roof sheet pantile

Beneath the roof sheets, our barrier membranes and foil insulation provides the total roofing solution.

Roof drainage is solved by fitting our plastic gutters which are available in a range of colours. Guttering accessories include down pipes, union brackets, running outlets, stop ends and clips.

caravan roof vents

For roof ventilation, we can provide roof vents deigned to match the profile and colour of the roof sheet allowing them to blend in naturally with the rest of the roof.

caravan roof vents

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