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Insulations & Membranes

for holiday homes

Improve performance and efficiency with our construction materials

Critical to the construction of Leisure Homes and Park Homes, our range of Membranes, Barriers, and Insulation products have been specifically designed to suit Holiday Home Regulations and production needs.

Foil Insulations

Various Thermal Insulation products are available, including Aluminium Foil Membranes which reflect radiant heat back into the Holiday Home. They can also be used to enhance the performance of traditional types of insulations such as Polystyrene, Glass Wool, and Rockwool, often used in Holiday Home walls and roof voids and floors. Aluminium Foil Membranes can also be used as Vapour Barriers.

Vapour Control Barriers

Vapour Control Membranes, are used in areas where water or, water vapour penetration has to be prevented. Some Eco-Friendly Membranes include a percentage of recycled material, this also helps keep costs competitive. 

Breather Membranes

Breather Membranes are key to protecting the Holiday Home from condensation and water ingress. They are generally situated behind Exterior Wall Cladding or below Roof Tiles.

Polythene Sheeting

Perforated and non-perforated Polythene Sheeting is used as a protective barrier for construction applications or internal carpet protection. A flame retardant (FR) additive is used in products where the application requires higher protection against fire.