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A New Modern twist on internal cladding

 Linerio Panels offer a modern touch when used as a feature wall. They provide a quick and easy installation due to being Lightweight, whilst also improving sound proofing thanks to the material and it's spatial structure. Linero panels come in three different variants - Large, Medium, and Small. Each size with several colours.

This product is 100% recyclable.

Large L-Line

Medium M-Line

Small S-Line



Width: 122mm (all versions)
Height: 2650mm (all versions)
Thickness: 12mm (all versions)
Number of panels: L-line x2, M-Line x3, S-Line x4

These internal wall panels are secured with Sealants. Please Contact Us for more information on the most suitable product for your application.


  • Stylish Internal Cladding
  • Easy To Install
  • Upgrade Any Room
  • Trims Are Available In Matching Colours