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Lighting the way for caravans and motorhomes

Carafax have been at the forefront of Caravan and Motorhome lighting for over 30 years.

The design of Caravan and Motorhome roadlights has changed substantially over the last few years. Wider use of LED lights has allowed for more modern designs compared with Traditional Bulb Lamps. Carafax have evolved to provide a much wider range of lighting designs from many trusted brands across the world. Products include Rear, Stop, Indicator and Reverse Light Units, Combination Lights, Marker Lights, High Level Brake Lights, Reflectors, Day-time Running Lights and many more!

In addition to stock lines, we also offer the possibility to work with Lighting Manufacturers to produce bespoke designs.

Multifunction Rear Cluster Lamps

With both Traditional Bulb and LED Multifunction Lights, along with some Hybrid Special Models, we are certain to have something to suit any Caravan or Motorhome application. Many new Cluster Lights have modern features such as dynamic DI (directional indicator), defused rear light guard and neon effect illumination.   

Rear Lights

In addition to the Cluster Lamps that combine all functions in one, we also have a wide range of Single Function, Dual Function or Multifunction Rear Lights. These range from a simple 3rd Brake Lamp to a 3-function Stop, Tail, & DI Light. Often fitted in pods, these reduced-function lights allow more flexibility in terms of position on the rear of the vehicle.

Position Marker Lights

Front, Side and Rear Marker Lamps come in many different shapes and sizes. Some lights include a Reflex Reflective Lens to help meet visibility requirements. We have a huge range with various connection options.

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With both Self-adhesive and Screw Fit versions, we have sizes and styles to suit all Caravan and Motorhome requirements. As with our Road Lights, Reflectors are still subject rigorous testing to ensure they are high quality, durable, and can withstand any weather condition.