External Cladding

At the forefront of Lodge & Holiday Home design, Carafax are leading the way as the industry demands a better quality and more practical product to replace the traditional aluminium cladding.

Our Artefoam exterior PVC-UE foam cladding uses the latest technology to bring benefits to the end user by way of lower noise transfer, no maintenance, better insulation and high durability.

The robust and lightweight Artefoam board design adds strength to the overall structure and provides a better insulation value than other common alternatives, critical in today’s environmental-conscious age.

Available in either Standard Grain or Deep Grain, the hard surface is very resistant to impacts and scratches, unlike aluminium, and is easy to clean and recyclable.

A wood texture, matt finish, and quality of material, set our siding apart both in appearance and in ease of fitting. No regular maintenance is necessary, compared to wood based cladding which requires surface treatment on a recurring basis, and it is of course moisture and pest resistant.

Ease of construction speeds up the building process, and quality accessory profiles complete the solid, professional appearance of the holiday home.

PVC-UE foam cladding is also used in house construction, and this extra quality provides an extremely saleable product when compared to other, older siding finishes. 

In addition, it is an excellent choice when looking to refurbish existing Lodges & Holiday Homes, stylishly modernising their appearance at a stroke.

The recently introduced TREND profile is a larger design which impresses when installed either horizontally or vertically.

Currently available in a range of colours and two design versions, Stone, with a natural stone image, and Soft, with a subtle monochromatic shade, TREND cladding offers an exciting alternative for the Lodge and Holiday Home market.



With the widest range of colours and all accessory profiles held on stock in the UK, Carafax can provide a rapid service to suit individual production requirements.




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