Sealant and adhesive caravan

Sealants & Adhesives

Carafax has been a major sealant supplier since its inception in 1985.

Technology has changed over the years in both the construction methods of caravans and motorhomes, and the composition of sealants and adhesives.

Carafax source materials from professional, technically advanced companies who are able to offer a wide range of products, allowing us to supply all of the items that our customers require whilst maintaining competitive prices.

We engage with the sealant manufacturer, the University of Hull, and the caravan or motorhome manufacturer in order to provide the optimum combination of products for a particular purpose.

The products can be a combination of foam, silicone, MS polymer or butyl based materials.

caravan IDL99 non drying bedding sealant
caravan soudal sealant adhesive
caravan silver tape
butyl mastic tap caravan
caravan sealant gun
air gun caravan sealant

Our wide range and availability of stock ensures that on-time supply of these materials is not an issue, and is of course backed up by the Carafax support network.

Carafax, in conjunction with the sealant manufacturers and the University, recommends testing of all sealant and adhesive materials prior to use by the client to ensure best-practice is continually employed.

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