caravan roadlight


Carafax have been at the forefront of caravan and motorhome lighting for over 30 years.

Seen as a key feature, the rear lights in particular assist in the visual impact of a caravan and motorhome.

The innovative Caraluna introduced by Carafax provided the industry with the ability to redesign the caravan back to incorporate a more curvaceous profile, and was widely adopted.

Caravan cluster light
Caravan Roadlight Cluster
caravan stop indicator

The design of roadlights has evolved over the years, as has the technology employed, and today’s manufacturers utilise both individual light configurations and combination lights.

Carafax has access to a wide range of lighting designs and brands, and stock rear, stop, indicator and reverse light units, combination lights, marker lights, high level brake lights, reflectors and day-time running lights.

We also offer the possibility to work with lighting manufacturers to produce bespoke designs at competitive prices.

With both traditional bulb versions and also LED lights available, we continue to be a major supplier of caravan and motorhome lighting, and our unrivaled customer service provides a complete solution to the customer.

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caravan red rear marker
caravan marker light
Caravan Side Marker